Super Clásico

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In Colombia there is a big debate between the Old School Fans and the New School Fans about who actually are the teams that make up the Colombian Super Clasico, in the 80’s many people considered that the Super Clasico involved the teams Atletico Nacional of Medellin and America de Cali from Cali, this picked up a lot more force because of the big rivalry that the owner of the teams has at that moment, keep in mind that both teams were being funded by Drug Lords, Atletico Nacional and America de Cali played four Colombian finals (1954, 1981, 1991, 1999) and they were all won by Atletico Nacional.

Now days America de Cali has descended to the 2nd division of the Colombian Soccer league and while being there Millonarios has managed to achieve more then the Cali team, to this date America de Cali is the only Colombian team to have made it to the final of the Copa Libertadores four times, even though they never won it this is can be looked at as a great accomplishment, even teams like Millonarios have not being able to experience a final of the most prestigious international tournament in the continent.

With America de Cali out of the race and Millonarios being the runner up in terms of quantity of cups after Atletico Nacional many have consider that the new Super Clasico in Colombia is between Atletico Nacional and Millonarios, after all the two regions are known for the rivalry between the two, the Paisas out Medellin and the Rolos out of Bogota are both proud of their roots and are loyal followers of their teams making this an exiting event worth of the name Super Clasico, Atletico Nacional and Millonarios already had a history that had some high points like when the two teams faced off at international tournaments like the time they both played the Merconorte final in 2000, Atletico Nacional managed to beat Millonarios for that international title that was later replaced with the Copa Sudamericana.

Perhaps the most memorable game between this two teams took place in the biggest international tournament in the Continent, The Copa Libertadores of America, that game is mainly remembered because that’s the year when Atletico Nacional eliminated Millonarios to then dispute the final against Olimpia to become the first ever Colombian Champion of that prestigious tournament, also this two teams were tied in the amount of Colombian cups that they both had until December 2015 when Atletico Nacional won its 15th Colombian League Cup thus becoming the team with the most domestic cups in the country and taking Millonario’s slogan “The Most Time Champions” away from them.


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