Handicap Paisa driver creates a job for himself

Mario in his customized Taxi (Cell 312 866-5998)

Today I was leaving the Monterrey Mall in El Poblado, as I got into the Cab I noticed that the car was equipped with what appear to be an extra hand break, accelerator and a hand-held clutch, at first I was not sure if it was okay to ask the guy about it, as I got closer to home my curiosity invaded me and that’s when I thought about writing this article, in my opinion there is nothing special about being a Taxi driver in Medellin but this guy surely was the exception, Mario not only drives a cab all over Medellin, he does this without using his feet, he has no mobility of his lower body but this didn’t stop him from making and honest and hard working living, he managed to customized his cab so that it didn’t require him to use his legs.

When I asked him where he took his car to get it customized he mention that there is an Electric store in Zamora where he got this done for a million pesos, in my opinion that was a great investment not only because he now is able to make money at will without having to depend off of anyone else but also because that made him a pioneer, as a handicap he didn’t limit himself to saying “I can’t because I am disabled” instead he went and created a job for himself, I find that very admirable, specially in a society like this one where many people in similar situations tend to just become beggars on the streets, I have being witness to how the government has made attempts to create programs to help people in this type of situation but have not being successful.

Well Mario just showed us that is possible for a guy in a wheel chair to make money like anyone else, most people would not even notice Mario’s condition thanks to his great driving skills, in my case I only noticed it because of my curiosity, Mario was kind enough to share everything about his situation with me exclusively for blogpaisa.com, I made Mario aware that this was for an English blog and that he could potentially get some customers from the people that read these articles so he chose to provide us with his phone number in case that any of the readers ever want to take his service, Mario speaks basic English and he is a very nice guy, I strongly recommend him to anyone that is looking for a safe ride around Medellin.


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