Champions of America

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Andres Escobar lifting the Copa Libertadores of America (Source)

On May 31 of 1989 Atletico Nacional became the first Colombian team to win the Copa Libertadores de América in thus marking the era of Colombian football. this is also the team with the most international titles of any Colombian club, having won also the Copa Merconorte twice and the Copa Interamericana twice, having a total of five international trophies to their name, not to mention that in the National league there’s no other team with more Cups then Atletico Nacional, the team has come out Champions 14 times thus acquiring the nick name “The King of Cups” because of its unreachable record of 22 Cups in total, there’s no other Colombian Soccer team that has similar records and that’s why important companies like Nike have chosen Atletico Nacional to be the only team to wear its brand in the country, some of the greatest Colombian soccer legends came out of Atletico Nacional, this includes National Team Captains like Fautino “El Tino” Asprilla, Juan Camilo Zuñiga, Ivan Ramiro Cordoba, Andres Escobar, Rene Higuita, David Ospina, Victor “Aristigol” Aristizabal just to name a few.


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